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VoD contains the feminist rantings of Persephone Pomegranate, an introverted zinester living a reclusive life in the mountains.

Persephone is also a multi media artist, vegan, atheist and suffer from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

Voices of Dissent has Moved

Being a geeky type person, it’s been driving me crazy that I didn’t have full control over my blog here, so I’ve decided to move to a self hosted solution.

Please follow me at my new home Voice of Dissent


Equal Pay Day – April 20th

Blog for Fair Pay 2010

I just signed up to blog for fair pay for women on the 20th of this month. We’ve had a major success already with the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but the fight for equal pay isn’t over. Women are paid only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, and for women of color, the numbers are even worse. A bill before the Senate, the Paycheck Fairness Act, would help to deter wage discrimination against women. Please urge your Senators to support this bill, and find out more about equal pay for women.

The Paycheck Fairness Act, passed in the House of Representatives in January 2009 and now pending in the Senate, aims to strengthen current laws against wage discrimination and provides tools to enable the federal government to be more proactive in the fight. Among other things, the Paycheck Fairness Act would also close a significant loophole in the Equal Pay Act to allow for full compensation for sex-based wage discrimination.

If you would like to join me in blogging on the topic “What would it mean if there weren’t a $10,662 wage gap?” on April 20th, Sign Up Now!

Awesome Culture Jamming – Abortion Changes You

Another awesome example of culture jamming, if you’re having trouble reading it due to the glare, captions are below the image. I couldn’t find a picture of an unjammed version of the ad but there really isn’t much more to it. If I’m not mistaken, the added sign is just placed over whitespace.

EDIT: Under the added sign is a small image that I can’t make out and the words Abortion Changes You.

The original ad claims “I thought life would be the way it was before.” with the caption at the bottom,

The culture jammer added the sign which says “Now I can go to college & fulfill my dreams.”

I take issues with these ads because the insinuate that women are always changed by abortion which isn’t true. Some women are changed for the better by abortion, some women regret their abortions and are changed for the worse, some women aren’t changed at all.

Awesome Culture Jamming – Black Children are Beautiful

If you follow the pro-choice movement, you most likely heard about the anti-abortion billboards in Atlanta claiming that black children are an endangered species. I don’t think I really need to go into the reasons why this message is overwhelmingly racist so I’ll just get to the culture jamming.

I came across this post today featuring an awesome act of culture jamming, reclaiming these billboards.

Here is the original billboard

AHP A Few Minutes for Feedback

In this side episode, Rob and I take some time to focus on feedback that we have gotten recently taking us around the topics of Religion, Parenthood, the stigmatization of parents usually women, abortion, choice, health care and more.

Listen Now

Join me for the Next Feminist Blog Carnival on Reproductive Freedom

I participated in my first Feminist Blog Carnival last month at Beauty Schooled and loved it so much that I immediately decided to put my name in to host the next one.

If you would like to know more about what a blog carnival is, check out the Blog Carnival About Page. In a nutshell, you all write posts on the current topic on your own blogs, and all of the posts will be linked together here on April 14th. Check out the Beauty Schooled link above to see last months carnival roundup.

The topic for this carnival will be Reproductive Freedom with a deadline of April 12th. The post will go up on April 14th giving me a couple of days to get things put together.

Read more…

Boys in Crisis or Children in Crisis?

I came across a very interesting post today with a title, Boys and Young Men: A New Cause for Liberals, that immediately caught my eye.

I come across posts by MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) all the time and usually simply roll my eyes at them. However, a post about boys and young men really drew me in. I’ve always felt that boys suffered as much from the patriarchy as girls do. Sure they’re going to end up benefiting from the institution but that doesn’t make the indoctrination any easier to live through.

The gist of the article is summed up in the quote below.

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AHP Episode 41 – Healthcare Fallout & Ethics of Sex Work

In this episode, Rob and I discuss our thoughts on healthcare reform and the fallout that it’s received so far. We also talk about the ethics of sex work after Iceland outlaws strip clubs.

Other Topics:

  • Vatican sex abuse scandals
  • Should police be policing police
  • Tips on fighting Westboro Baptist

Listen to Episode 41

Weekly Feminist Review 3.22.10

It’s time for another installment of the Weekly Feminist Review. Since this past week as been all about healh care reform and Stupak, I’m going to give you some great articles from this past week on other topics.

  • The Abortion Gang – The Abortion Gang blog, which I’m very proud to be a member of, launched this week. Check it out and read all of our stories on how we became pro-choice and/or why we are pro-choice.
  • Chemical Castration in Argentina – Argentina has approved voluntary chemical castration for rapists. This is a great community discussion at Feminist on whether it’s effective.
  • It’s Spring Break, Don’t Get Yourself Raped! – A great article on the hyping of rape during spring break and how women have it put on themselves to prevent rape. The article also contains a list of Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!
  • Porn for Women – An awesome cartoon hitting back at the “humorous” idea that women don’t fantasize about sex, but instead of men doing housework and listening to us.
  • Tampon ad makes fun of tampon ads, still can’t say “vagina” – Kotex becomes the first feminine hygiene company to actually talk about periods like they are. A huge pain in the uterus. However, TV networks still won’t let the word vagina be used in commercials about products for vaginae.
  • Abortion Law Harms Kenyan Women and Girls – A look at the effect that restrictive abortion laws can have on a country’s females.
  • The Five Types Of Haters Female Bloggers Encounter (And What To Do About Them) – My blog is brand new so luckily I haven’t had to deal with any of these people, who range from hateful to down right scary.
  • Oh, Colorado – A bit of news from my home state. Even after having the 2008 personhood bill voted down by 73%, pro-lifers in the state are trying for it again this year.

My Thoughts on Health Care Reform

I’ve been really leery of the health care reform bill since it was announced. Many of us wanted universal health care and instead we ended up with government controlled health care. For someone on the cusp of poverty, the idea that I may be forced to pay for insurance that will have a high deductible is a scary thought.

Right now I have a great doctor who works with me on cost so that I can afford the blood work & meds I need for a chronic condition. I’m terrified that if I have to pay for insurance that has a high deductible, I’ll end up losing the little health care I’m able to get now.

And to top it all off, since women were sold out to get the bill passed, not only will I have to purchase health insurance, as a woman, I won’t be getting full health coverage. It’s kind of hard to vocalize just how pissed off I am right now.