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AHP Episode 40 – Gender Roles, Sexism & Congressional Suckage

March 22, 2010

I’m so proud to announce that I am an official, permanent co-host now on the Angry Hippies’ Podcast. We have a new show out today covering some current events, gender roles, congressional suckage, and an Interview with Jo Pollock.

In this episode, the Angry Hippie and I rail against punishment killing, media sexist shaming, Starbucks sex demands, victim blaming, animal activism, fur, suicide protest, fur is eco-friendly, green label lies, Pope condemns equality, kids equal purpose, Principal Big Brother, rape victims at fault, fashion fails models, Terry Richardson, sexual coercion, Catholic Nuns for Healthcare, stop abortion lies, Boy Scouts sex abuse cover-up, Christian group molestation, Vegans throw pies, activism don’ts, gender roles, media sexist skews, Interview with Jo Pollock, social workers in schools, broken foster care system, Congressional failures, bank bullshit abounds, no regulation, & Business as Usual for Wall Street.

Listen to Episode 40

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