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Weekly Feminist Review 3.22.10

March 22, 2010

It’s time for another installment of the Weekly Feminist Review. Since this past week as been all about healh care reform and Stupak, I’m going to give you some great articles from this past week on other topics.

  • The Abortion Gang – The Abortion Gang blog, which I’m very proud to be a member of, launched this week. Check it out and read all of our stories on how we became pro-choice and/or why we are pro-choice.
  • Chemical Castration in Argentina – Argentina has approved voluntary chemical castration for rapists. This is a great community discussion at Feminist on whether it’s effective.
  • It’s Spring Break, Don’t Get Yourself Raped! – A great article on the hyping of rape during spring break and how women have it put on themselves to prevent rape. The article also contains a list of Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!
  • Porn for Women – An awesome cartoon hitting back at the “humorous” idea that women don’t fantasize about sex, but instead of men doing housework and listening to us.
  • Tampon ad makes fun of tampon ads, still can’t say “vagina” – Kotex becomes the first feminine hygiene company to actually talk about periods like they are. A huge pain in the uterus. However, TV networks still won’t let the word vagina be used in commercials about products for vaginae.
  • Abortion Law Harms Kenyan Women and Girls – A look at the effect that restrictive abortion laws can have on a country’s females.
  • The Five Types Of Haters Female Bloggers Encounter (And What To Do About Them) – My blog is brand new so luckily I haven’t had to deal with any of these people, who range from hateful to down right scary.
  • Oh, Colorado – A bit of news from my home state. Even after having the 2008 personhood bill voted down by 73%, pro-lifers in the state are trying for it again this year.
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