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Join me for the Next Feminist Blog Carnival on Reproductive Freedom

April 2, 2010

I participated in my first Feminist Blog Carnival last month at Beauty Schooled and loved it so much that I immediately decided to put my name in to host the next one.

If you would like to know more about what a blog carnival is, check out the Blog Carnival About Page. In a nutshell, you all write posts on the current topic on your own blogs, and all of the posts will be linked together here on April 14th. Check out the Beauty Schooled link above to see last months carnival roundup.

The topic for this carnival will be Reproductive Freedom with a deadline of April 12th. The post will go up on April 14th giving me a couple of days to get things put together.

I don’t want to limit which aspects of Reproductive Freedom you write about. But in case some need a prompt, here are some examples of topics you may want to write about.

  • Problems getting a doctor to sterilize you because you’re too young or don’t have kids.
  • Problems obtaining birth control or the morning after pill due to pharmacist refusals.
  • Dealing with protesters while trying to obtain an abortion.
  • Experience with vbac or being denied vbac.
  • Personal thoughts, feelings and/or beliefs on pregnancy, contraception, abortion, vbac, or any other aspect of reproductive healthcare.
  • Personal experiences with any of these topics.
  • What reproductive freedom means to the feminist movement

The post must be published on your blog between now (April 1st) and the deadline (April 12th). Limit of one post per author.

You can submit your entry here. If the form fails for some reason you can also email me your entries at persephone AT angryhippie DOT info

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